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House MC

This handcrafted masterpiece is an extremely versatile piece of furniture: bookcase in the study, showcase in the living room, cupboard in the kitchen. Its versatility is due to the architectural structure of the cabinet, where everything is visible to be ready for use. It looks like an open bookcase with glass doors surrounded by a wooden frame and with a square shape. Each window is divided into four to form a cross. The entire structure is in lacquered wood or essence, while the facade is painted in opaque colors.

Gli interni si possono modulare in base alle esigenze, impiegando o meno delle luci a led e ripiani centrali. Una vera e propria opera architettura a casa vostra, quasi a richiamare una grande facciata di qualche importante palazzo scandita dal ritmo regolare delle finestre. Una libreria-vetrata elegante e d'impatto.

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