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Furnishing a country-style kitchen means not only giving a clear and well-defined style to the rooms, but also being surrounded by precious and long-lasting elements.

Country dream kitchens are inspired by the beauty and comfort of the countryside setting. The stylistic echo deserves to be sought in the wood, essence and raw materials that can become the good basis of composition. In fact, the style of the kitchen is inspired by apparently rough features, outlined by white woods and metal knobs.

The beauty of the country lies in the presence of a hood as if to recall the old fireplaces of the past that made home a warm and comfortable environment.

The same sensation is also recalled by the solid wooden table, which is made more slender thanks to a light but compact structure, accompanied by equally slender wooden chairs, where a cushion with a floral patterns is placed above each one as if to evoke the countryside outside.

Around the table and the kitchen, there are sideboards, made of wood and painted with the same color. Inside, there can be room for crockery, plates and any household items.

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