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Il Caminetto

The good food and hospitality that can be found in the taverns, inns and restaurants typical of the place complete a beautiful day spent in a historical center or in a characteristic village of the place. In our case, we are in Follina, one of the most beautiful villages in our country, and we cannot miss a stop in the renowned restaurant "al Caminetto".

Recently restored, this project represents an important artisan tailoring job for Bertazzon. The fil rouge of the furnishings and the interior environment is the purest essence of the Prosecco hills, recently a Unesco heritage site: textures, colors and raw materials in fact, follow the shapes and tradition of the local landscape, with the main wall strewn with vine leaves obtained through the careful and painstaking processing of the "head sliced".

Divided into two areas, the restaurant has been carefully designed to accommodate anyone who wants to satisfy their palate with traditional local dishes or simply taste a good "glass of wine". Inside the atmosphere is furnished with old stoneware floors, a larch table that is the master 6 meters long made from a single trunk and from the elements of iron and zinc which, mixed together, give life to a sensorial pure emotion.

A traditional chic restyling by Bertazzon that leads to a rebirth with new garments, a reference point for locals and tourists, to discover native excellent foods and drinks, who find here an original as well as traditional reinterpretation of professionalism, genuine flavors and craftsmanship.

Realize the house of your dreams by merging your ideas with our professionalism: a solution for a welcoming environment.

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