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House MF1

Harmony between interior designer and owner has contributed to the mood of the house by creating a perfect partnership also due to a relationship of knowledge, matured over the years, generating trust and satisfaction on both sides: the result was to give the customers the desired home designed for every need and crowned by a splendid view.

The large and technological kitchen stands out for its elegance and comfort, completed by a snack area that recalls the wooden essence of the open elements that fit into the composition.

The large living area is muffled by a clear resin that gives warmth and elegance by combining it with the soft colors of the walls and ceilings that seem to store the light coming from the outside, giving a hint of order, comfort and performance.

The living room is made up of design pieces and bespoke furnishings, such as the boiserie, which, with its geometries, is in harmony with the light, creating a modern and choreographic environment.

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