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Designing a clothing store does not only mean determining an exhibition system that conforms to the goods on sale, but it also implies developing a narrative path capable of involving and exciting the customer, of creating spaces aimed at giving shape to ideas and ways of living. And this is what we at Bertazzon wanted to convey with the furnishings of STIMM, a well-established commercial reality in North-East Italy, making use of the guidelines of a Bolognese art designer.

The positioning of display furniture, shelves and accessories, which derive largely from industrial vintage material, accompanies buyers in an emotional experience, in which the purchase is outlined as a demonstration of wanting to belong to that conceptual microcosm. The selection of the furnishings, conceived through the "Upcycling" philosophy, that is to say adapting old furniture to new uses while maintaining its characteristics but improving its performance, took place thinking not only of a current concept of sustainability and circular economy but also of their propensity to expose the product in the best way, to make it more attractive and pleasant.

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